Pakistan Opposes India’s Security Council Bid, Rakes up Kashmir

Pakistan Opposes India’s Security Council Bid, Rakes up Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Peeved about US President Barack Obama’s visit to India, Pakistan today said US help for India’s lasting seat in the UN Security Council will “undermine the peace and strength in south-east Asia”.

A nation disregarding UN Security Council resolutions on “matters of universal peace and security, for example, the Jammu and Kashmir debate” in no way, shape or form fits the bill for the status, said Sartaz Aziz, Pakistan’s Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs

Pakistan, he said, was contradicted to “yet an alternate nation particular exclusion” from NSG tenets to allow enrollment to India.


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Mr Aziz additionally said Pakistan said it would not endure any questions about its dedication to battle fear. Pakistan’s commitment and yields in the battle against terrorism have been “generally recognized,” and the nation rejects any “implication or defamation over its dedication to battle terrorism,” he said.

Pakistan, Mr Aziz included, has additionally been the greatest casualty of terrorism, including that “supported and backed from abroad”.

In spite of the fact that this time he didn’t name India, recently, Mr Aziz had blamed India for doing fear assaults in Pakistan from Afghan soil. He, then again, had offered no proof of it.

The last enormous dread assault in Pakistan – the massacre at a school in Peshawar, had been completed by its indigenous terrorists owing loyalty to Taliban.

“Judgment of terrorism in all its structures and appearances ought not be focused around selectivity or twofold measures,” Mr Aziz sai